Research Sustainable Water Environment and Energy Technology Lab.



Research topics

Overcoming economical and technological barriers of existing water and renewable energy production processes with the aid of state-of-art analytical and computational tools.

Research area

Novel membrane system

Research Objectives

  • Strategies for biofilm mitigation in the water showering system
  • Membrane fouling and damage evaluation by using novel thermo-spectral analysis
  • Identification of membrane properties by using AFM (Atomic force microscope)
  • A2O-MBR process: membrane bioreactor
  • Membrane contactor structure modification for optimizing ammonia recovery
Solving Strategies
Ionic liquid for cleaning agents
Monitoring System
Identification of membrane properties
A2O-MBR process
Membrane contactor structure modification

Bioenergy production

Research Objectives

  • Strategies to enhance sulfur conversion rate in anaerobic digestion on sulfidogenic reactor
  • Solution for maximizing VFAs yield from food waste by carbon nanotube media
  • Improving the rate of methane production from food waste in anaerobic digestion
Improving the rate of methane production
Enhancing sulfur conversion rate in anaerobic digestion

Hybrid advanced oxidation process

Research Objectives

  • Ceramic membrane – catalytic ozonation process for micropollutants degradation
  • 3D printing application for better performance for the degradation of pollutants and eCO2RR
  • Conductive membrane based electrochemical oxidation system for treating contaminants
Catalytic oxidation by ceramic membrane
Novel catalyst for better oxidation
Conductive / ceramic membrane fabrication by 3D printing
Breakthrough of mass transfer limitation by membrane

Electrochemical water system

Research Objectives

  • Li-selective intercalating material for electrochemical capture
  • Increasing the efficiency for CO2 conversion to the value-added product using electrochemical reduction system
  • Electrochemical water deionization by continuous electro-deionization (CEDI)
Li-selective material for electrochemical capture
Conductive membrane for electrochemical CO2 reduction
Continuous electro-deionization